Monthly Archives: August 2019

virtualetix CS:GO final lineup standing
Three qualifiers and one ladder for the CS:GO ESL Swisscom Hero League. 10 trials and one team. We have a final lineup ready to start the competition journey.
Easy comeback for Maniac with Red Instinct
Red Instinct qualifies for the ESL Swisscom Hero League with a flawless victory at the third qualifier round.
The four teams qualifying from the ESL Ladder
The ESL Swisscom Hero League participants could challenge each other to catch one of the four spots to qualify for the new season ESL Swisscom Hero League.
Two heavy duty weeks at the ESL Swisscom Hero League Ladder
August 7th villains challanged virtualetix for its first ladder match overall in the ESL Swisscom Hero League 5on5 Ladder.
Tight Play from KnockKnockClan against TinderLVL10
An overtime away for KnockKnockClan to qualify for ESL Swisscom Hero League against TinderLVL10.
Virtualetix trial with ESL Swisscom Hero League
ESL Swisscom Hero League has decided to add also the classic eSport game Counter-Strike: Gobal Offensive to their pool of games for the summer season.
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