3rd Place at the EEvent 14

Back-to-back, from one LAN tournament to the next one, our CS:GO team places 3rd at the EEvent 14!

This weekend, both of our teams travelled once more to compete from February 7th to 9th for the first time together at the EEvent 14 in Burgdorf.
This was virtualetix’ very first full reunion of all team members to get to know each other, have a good time together and compete with determination for the official tournaments.

The CS:GO tournament group stage was played in a Bo1 swiss round system, followed by playoffs in a Bo3 double elimination format.
Winning every match of the group stage, except for the games against Sparx Esports and the Mercenaries, our CS:GO team could still make it to the playoffs, where once again they encountered twice the Mercenaries up until the lower bracket final. Two very interesting 10:16 games, but finally the Mercenaries made it to the grand final against Sparx Esports. With that we ended our journey in a satisfying 3rd place for our CS:GO team.

Not to underestimate is also our Rocket League team, who was debuting for the first time on a LAN event and seeding right ahead top 3 during the group stage in Bo3 round robin format. During the Bo5 double elimination playoffs our Rocketeers could roll through until encountering again Sparx Esports, ending the match 2:3 and miss by short the 3rd place.

Our CS:GO team and Rocket League team are showing once more the growth and strength of our teams. We thank and congratulate our virtual athletes for their great performance and wish them all the best to keep climbing the ranks.

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