A new Tekken star on the horizon

The Swiss Tekken Champion 2021 steps up to the competitive semi-professional Tekken 7 roster of VIRTUALETIX.

CMN a.k.a. ChiggenMcNugget joined the VIRTUALETIX Alliance alongside CHARDY-SAN back in 2020 and started as a rookie in the newly established VTX-A Tekken community clan.

Over the past year, he kept practicing with his sparring partners within the community and participated in numerous Tekken Clan Wars to prove himself as a worthy Tekken competitor and commentator in the German speaking area of Europe. It didn’t pass much time and the Shaheen-main fighter climbed up the ranks. By summer 2021, he made it already to the finals of the VIRTUALETIX Tekken Swiss National Qualifiers 2021. CMN won this very last tournament against Kirakira, a legend in the Tekken scene, and made himself a name all over Switzerland and abroad.

It doesn’t matter if offline or online – CMN is hard to stop and keeps qualifying for prominent tournaments. In October 2021, the new Swiss Tekken star athlete qualified for the playoffs of the Swiss Edition Good Night Series and lead his way once more down to the semi-finals of the lower bracket and could place fourth into the Top 5 together with his mates ediweazel and Dule Brate.

With his astonishing performance, we are very pleased to welcome CMN to the main VIRTUALETIX Tekken 7 lineup, together with CHARDY-SAN.

Photography: Lycrus

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