VIRTUALETIX is founded by Raffy “N0vA” L., a Counter-Strike 1.6 veteran playing back in 2003 mainly at LAN events in Switzerland during the bronze era of eSports, when fnatic, SK Gaming and NiP were at the top of the ladders. In 2010 N0vA retired from the eSports practice after going through many years of in-game lead, coaching and team management experience with Virtual Skill, dreampLay and dakoon and ended his CS 1.6 career with a 3rd place at the CTRL-ALT-DELETE 13 in the lead of this last one.

After an oldschool CS 1.6 LAN party revival and with the arise of Astralis in 2018 as one of the most professionally organized and successful Counter-Strike teams in the world, N0vA got inspired by being recalled of his young age passion and decided to help bring the scene also in Switzerland back to life.

VIRTUALETIX is officially founded March 27, 2019.


Virtualetix stands in also for ethical norms. Every organization aiming to contribute to the society for a prosperous environment has to determine the values to achieve its goals by ethically aligned actions. In our eSports organization we value the big three of sportsmanship: fairness, respect and graciousness.

We are fair; as in the root of the Swiss culture, we don’t abuse or take advantage, mistreat, or favor any party. We support a clean and honest work ethic and recompense with equivalent gratification.

We are respectful; every person is a human being; no matter what the language, religion is, nor does the ethnical, political or sexual background. We accept the people with and around us for who they are and what they do. Every person can make mistakes, nevertheless shall she or he ever have to suffer of disrespectful treatment. Every human being has the right of dignity.

We are gracious; in good or in bad times, we feel the joy of success, but we also accept and learn from losses. The same gratitude we show towards our other parties for allowing the experience of both worlds, brought also to our audience.

Fairness. Respect. Graciousness. These are values at the core of every relationship with virtualetix, within the organization, among players and staff, or outside of the entity with our partners or our audience.

You are our spotlight.


The Swiss players demand it – our mission is to bring eSports in Switzerland back to life.

eSports is a worldwide multi-billion industry. One third of the Swiss population plays video games regularly and has heared of the term eSports. Many countries have already recognized eSports as an official sport because of its team-based and/or competitive character; soon maybe to be represented also as an olympic discipline. As in 2018, eSports has already reached a worldwide audience comparable to the American national sports leagues.

After a pitfall since 2010 and the start of digitalization, in 2015 the demand for more competitivity started also in Switzerland, we are on the mission to offer them the necessary organizational enviroment to achieve that. Virtualetix is an eSports organization representing and administering local competitive eSports teams and players. Giving them the necessary support to achieve international competitiveness and to transform dreams into goals.

At the same time we offer our partners the opportunity to join us is an era of digitalization, where not only a new market is arising, but also where new communication channels are evolving within it. We are seeded in it and are ready to leverage your marketing programs with our custom-tailored services.

Bundling everything together, last but not least, we want to deliver a whole new level of experience to our fanbase. Making our fans feel as close as possible the rollercoaster of our competitive journey in Switzerland and internationally and live with us together the best memories to come.


Realizing a dream of every athlete


Supporting the vision goals of our partners


Moving our audience with unique experiences

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