Ace of Aces

A revamped CS:GO lineup is back and ready for the Swiss Esports League.

Since the last LAN event in February in Burgdorf, our CS:GO team was undergoing quite some changes and the current COVID-19 situation became also an extra challenge for us to master. While FyXtoN moved to Valorant and deCinQ went inactive from competitive gaming, eviroN joined us as the new in-game leader bringing plenty of experience on his back, adding to kROBz_’ wisdom and gaming knowledge. Together with Roman_RMN_, they started the mission of building a new CS:GO lineup. This lead us to StuerZi, former Playing Ducks Academy player, who decided to comeback after some time off from gaming. With this strong quartet, only one key player was left.

Finding the missing piece of the puzzle required many trial games. But just before the start of the fall season of the Swiss Esports League, we found him like a Shiny miracle coming through the clouds as the summer went away. Here they are:

  • eviroN
  • kROBz_
  • Roman_RMN_
  • StuerZi1
  • Shiny
  • Shaggy (Stand-In)

The purple puzzle is complete and ready to kick-off the season.

Let’s go purpleblood.

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