Virtualetix Careers
Join VIRTUALETIX and contribute to the promotion of eSports in Switzerland.
Marketing Manager
You analyze the eSports market, plan and manage marketing campaigns. You get in touch with potential partners and negotiate affiliate programs. You make sure to represent the VIRTUALETIX brand as your product. Ideally, you have a marketing formation, are very communicative and able to speak German and English fluently.
Content Manager
You are the voice of VIRTUALETIX and you identify yourself with the brand. You like to exchange yourself with the members and the management to stay up-to-date. Sense of aesthetics and a proficient writing style in English are your strength. It is your passion to play with words and tell fascinating stories.
Community Manager
You follow actively the Swiss and international eSports scene and interact continuously with the community personally at events and online through social media. You care for the fan base and keep them up-to-date with daily relevant content. With the role as an ambassador of VIRTUALETIX you are socially active and are able to engage in German and English with people.
Esports Manager
You are in charge of VIRTUALETIX' core activity - you are the driving force behind our esports teams to make them perform and succeed in Switzerland and abroad. You have a heart for gaming and live the passion of esports. With your determination, inspiration and vision you make the dreams of our athletes become true. Indeally you have strategic and leadership skills to build performing teams. You speak German and English.
eSports & Competition
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