ChiggenMcNugget is Tekken Swiss Champion 2021

In his unexpected debut, VTX-A athlete ChiggenMcNugget takes the throne away from all-time champion KiraKira.

On 14 August 2021, as part of our starting Tekken events series, VIRTUALETIX had the pleasure to organize the Tekken Swiss National Qualifiers 2021 for the Esports World Championship of the International Esports Federation (IESF) to bring a Swiss representative for the Swiss Esports Federation (SESF). Tekken athletes from our VTX-A community clan and all over Switzerland reunited once again together with CHARDY-SAN, ChiggenMcNugget and Ragebrownie as competitor and caster at Erupt Lounge, Bern. KiraKira from myInsanity, who won past qualifiers titles, joined in last minute as the favorite of the major competition.

The tournament started at 2 p.m. CET directly into a double elimination format with 13 eligible players. The games opened with a twist and all the Swiss top tier players CHARDY-SAN, KiraKira and ediweazel were sent into the lower bracket. Eventhough KiraKira and CHARDY-SAN had been dropped down to the lower brackets by the two new faces silversting and ChiggenMcNugget, they climbed through the brackets until facing each other in the first big match of the lower semi-final. Unfortunately CHARDY-SAN had to stop on position number four to let him face in the lower final the new talent silversting. KiraKira took his revenge on silversting and advanced back to the upper bracket in the Grand Final against ChiggenMcNugget.

The best of 5 match between KiraKira and ChiggenMcNugget was close, but the 2-2 turned at the end in favour of our VTX-A athlete ChiggenMcNugget winning the decisive final game to select the new Tekken Swiss Champion. For the first time after a long time some fresh blood, or should we say purpleblood, steps onto the 1st place podium of the Tekken Swiss National Qualifiers for the Esports World Championship. Well deserved, ChiggenMcNugget won his spot for the Regional Games in October and the chance to fly to Eilat, Israel in November 2021. We congratulate our VTX-A champion and wish him the best of luck and success from here on!

If you missed out the live stream, re-watch the qualifiers on our Twitch channel.

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