Easy comeback for Maniac with Red Instinct

Red Instinct qualifies for the ESL Swisscom Hero League with a flawless victory at the third qualifier cup.

Starting with a clean 16:0 on de_mirage against teh soviets, Red Instinct advanced fairly quickly against Arctic.wasabi on de_inferno winning 16:5.

The winning strike with a 16:7 score again on de_inferno continues also against the second tournament favorites Fragbox Iron Seals, leading them to the finals against virtualetix‘ contenders SWIFTEDGAMING.

Red Instinct confirmed its safe spot for the ESL Swisscom Hero League with two clear wins on de_nuke with 16:4 and on de_mirage with 16:3.

While virtualetix was able to control de_mirage against Fragbox.CS Academy winning 16:10, SWIFTEDGAMING was able to stop the home lineup again on de_mirage by 16:7 from advancing against Valais Esport in the semi-finals.

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