From one season to the next one

ESEA Season 33 is over for us and the spring season for the Swiss eSports league is already starting the coming weekend.

The ESEA Open Season 33 extended over seven play weeks. At first it was a rough start with some minor team adjustments; RadiaX taking over the in-game leader role and ongoing trials. But at last the CS:GO could take off after the 8th game and kept winning every following game except for two games against still strong teams.

With a final score of 9-7-0 and 200 won rounds the squad could close the season in green numbers and placed 188th out of almost 500 teams. This gives a good feeling prospect for the swiss eSports team in the international league.

Next on our roadmap is the SESL Spring Season 2020 with CS:GO and Rocket League. The new season brings some rules changes for CS:GO; Premier division will be obliged to verify their players’ intendity and custom player model skins are no more banned.

Our CS:GO team will be starting in the Challenger division and the first game will be the coming Sunday, March 13th, at 8 p.m. against Valais Esport.

CS:GO schedule

15.03.2020 20:00virtualetix CS:GOvs.Valais Esport
22.03.2020 20:00 SparX Esportsvs.virtualetix CS:GO
29.03.2020 20:00 virtualetix CS:GOvs.PriFu
05.04.2020 20:00 Fragbox Iron Sealsvs.virtualetix CS:GO
12.04.2020 20:00 207vs.virtualetix CS:GO
19.04.2020 20:00 virtualetix CS:GOvs.nicetry-_-
26.04.2020 20:00 virtualetix CS:GOvs.SwissBulls

On the other side our Rocket League team will try once more for the open division against some old and many new teams. First game:  March 13th, 8 p.m. against Satanic eSports.

Rocket League schedule

15.03.2020 20:00 Satanic eSports.RLvs.virtualetix Rocket League

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