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Who We Are?

VIRTUALETIX is a Swiss esports organization founded in 2019. Its goal is to promote this still young sport in the interest of the Swiss gaming community and to offer the players the necessary organizational structure so that they can focus primarily on playing and enjoying the game. In doing so, we support young as well as experienced players in the development of their sporting careers in order to achieve their competitiveness in the esports scene and their peak performance in their desired gaming discipline. At the same we have space also for casual players who are just looking for a convenient social hobby to have fun playing together with their friends online or at one of our offline events. We don’t set boundaries to age, gender or any kind of background. Everyone is welcome in our small gaming community.

What Is Esports?

The term Esport has its origin from the English words “electronic” and “sports”, also known as “esports”. Esports is already considered an official sport in many countries. It is often characterized by the competitive and team play aspect as well as the game-specific skills, which are based on physiological as well as mental nature. Thus, in addition to a well-developed eye-hand coordination with fast reflexes, tactical understanding, communication skills and team play are often required. Esport in Switzerland is still in its infancy, while in other Asian, European and American countries it has almost reached the spectator level of basketball and ice hockey in the USA.

What Do We Play?
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
A team-based first person shooter video game for 16+ year old. Two teams of five compete in a best-of-30 match with the round objective to plant or defuse the bomb. Players must purchase armor, weapons, defuse or rescue kits, and manage their in-game economy to maximize their chance of success. The first team to win 16 rounds in the Bomb Defusal game mode wins the match.
Tekken 7
Tekken is one of the first 3D fighting games where the player chooses a character from a lineup and engages in a round based hand-to-hand combat with an opponent. The first player to win a set of games wins the match. Every character represents a martial arts school or a fighting style characterized by specific combat skills or techniques. The characters can attack, block, throw or move and jump around the combat stage. By a combination and sequence of pressed attack buttons the player can trigger so called special attacks of the respective character.
Call of Duty: Warzone
A tactical first-person shooter video game mainly played the Battle Royale mode where players compete in a continuously shrinking map to be the last player remaining. Players parachute onto a large game map, where they encounter other players. As the game progresses and players are eliminated, the playable area shrinks forcing the remaining players into tighter spaces
Rocket League
Rocket League is a video game mix between racing and football. The objective of the game is to win the football game by pushing the ball with a car into the net of your opponent. The game has unique mechanics allowing the player to drive on walls, use boosters and exhibit acrobatics with car, like back-flips. Two game modes allow to play in a 2v2 or 3v3 format.

Is yours missing?

Apply to add your game too.

League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, Hearthstone, FIFA? You name it.

Submit your proposal on our discord server or via our conact form here.

Why Should You Play?

Esports is a free time gaming activity bringing the necessary social aspect into your work-life balance just like every other physical sports game. You enjoy an interactive and fun game session with your friends to distract you from everyday shores and work obsession by getting you back into the moment of life. Thanks to the technological advancement and the digitization it has never been as easy as now to access a sports activity like video games and to connect with your friends over the internet network. If you are completely new to esports VIRTUALETIX is more than happy to help you getting started into the world of virtual sports. All you need is a computer system (ideally not older than 2 years), a headset and an internet connection.

It is a well discussed topic that esports video games have a positive influence on the life skills development of a young teenager¹; apart from the physical aspects of a good hand-eye coordination or quick reflexes, it benefits especially also the development of a constructive, solidarity and cooperative teamplay attitude, clear and effective communication skills, creative tactical thinking and quick decision making. All skills highly demanded in nowadays job market and in an integral society.

How to start playing?

If you are in the mood to connect and engage with other fellow gamers, you can start right ahead by proceeding to our subscription page where you can pick the desired game and the membership plan of your choice:

  • be part of the community and join other members in a game night session with the community membership or
  • apply as a competitive player for one of the competitive esports teams as an amateur athlete.

You will not only be invited to special private events, but you will benefit from many goodies and extras to make your experience more unique. Get a jersey, free tickets, free events access, free graphics and more benefits as a VIRTUALETIX member.

Click here to become a member of VIRTUALETIX.

Do you have any questions?

If you need help or you have questions, just get in touch with us through our central communication hub on Discord.

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