Gold Medal in Tekken

The first gold and two bronzes for CHARDY-SAN and VIRTUALETIX with the return of the Tekken series.

With the lockdown in Switzerland coming to an end, the esports bar eParadise reopened its doors to the first offline Tekken tournament organized by the Hard Read association on June 26th 2020. The Swiss organization has been planning local fighting games tournaments and broadcasting them to the online spectators for a while now and was eager to bring their format back to Zurich.

More than 30 Tekken fighters registered for the 18th episode of the legendary Tekken Pizza Tour tournament. Among them was also our athlete CHARDY-SAN debuting for VIRTUALETIX. In his first offline event since the lockdown, CHARDY fought his way to the Top 8 in a new look and with safety measurements against the coronavirus. Later in the finals of the lower bracket he encountered ediweazel and ended his opening run with the 3rd place.

Photograpy by Lycrus

Back-to-back on the same weekend, CHARDY made his way across Switzerland from Zurich to Geneva to attend La Grotte du Gnome and to measure himself against the best of the Swiss French. CHARDY made it again until the last four matches and finished 3rd, while sharing a good time with his buddies on a sunny Sunday – earning one more medal.

The deciding run came two weeks later, on July 10th, where CHARDY-SAN went one more time for the Tekken Pizza Tour in Zurich. The start into the Top 8 brackets of the 19th tournament was harsh and he had to defend his spot through the lower bracket, where in the lower finals he could finally break his curse of the 3rd place and advance to the grand finals against TMG. After a close match up through the first games, it took a sudden twist in favour of CHARDY-SAN, leading him to finish the last round smoothly and win that desired gold medal in the best purpleblood style.

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