Konnichiwa CHARDY-SAN

CHARDY-SAN is joining our club as our newest athlete in the Tekken discipline.

Stepping into the fighting games genre is an important milestone for us. No other eSport genre gets closer to one of the oldest and most traditional competitive sports – the art of fighting; in which there is one simple rule: win the fight.

Tekken has been a while around in the Swiss esports scene with a core community and regular offline events, though without the merited awareness yet. That will hopefully change soon with the collaboration of our newest addition.

CHARDY-SAN is well known in the Swiss fighting game scene and counts among the top players of Switzerland. Furthermore, in his portfolio, he carries already some important achievements from past international events. Just this week CHARDY-SAN had a debut in the UYU Unleashed Tekken team battle together with ediweazel and martialpat to represent Team Switzerland in an exhibition match against Team Austria.

UYU Unleashed -Switzerland vs. Austria

Now that the COVID-19 lockdown is being loosened up, we are looking forward to the offline tournaments coming back hopefully in the next weeks.

Good luck and a warm welcome to CHARDY-SAN.

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