One Year of virtualetix

virtualetix made it. Our eSports organization has become one year old. When everything started there was only an idea: the idea to bring eSports back to life in Switzerland. Out of the idea was crafted a name and an emblem representing it. Its foundation being a stable place for the players where to develop themselves to virtual athletes and break through with it – the virtual athletics eSports organization virtualetix was born.

Here was formed the first CS:GO team out of the freshly selected talents still virgin to the Swiss eSports scene and the more experienced veterans. The squad, which was undergoing the initial bumpy road, is now slowly taking its shape after achieving top 12 at the biggest Swiss LAN event within three months and propelling itself to 3rd place at another LAN event after another three months.

To the CS:GO team came the addition of a Rocket League squad – being currently still in its infancies, but gently gracing some advancements by still placing 4th at the first LAN event for the players.

This is only the start. More developing changes are to come and soon a new announcement will follow.

The Covid-19 pandemia has lead the world to a time of distress and a global crisis. Nevertheless, it is not time stop the journey yet, and it is even more important to stay strong and virtually together in such a period of isolation. We keep playing the games we love most with the people on the other side of the country doing the same – for the sake of safety and keeping our mind healthy.

With that, we wish to all our virtual athletes and everyone reading this a happy easter.

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