Presenting the new Streaming Team

With the addition of CHARDY-SAN and HypokritZ we can finally say that we have a streaming team for the coming year.

Already a while ago after the formation of the VIRTUALETIX Alliance CHARDY-SAN started on his streaming channel the famous Tekken Clan Wars in collaboration with and against other clans from Germany. The streaming sessions have been pretty successful so far and are on air on a weekly basis.

HypokritZ launched his almost full-time streaming career already back in March 2019 and keeps his Call of Duty: Warzone sessions of solos, duos, trios or even quads running almost on a daily basis.

Two great content creators actively engaging in German with the spectators give their followers a few tips and hints to improve their game in the Japanese fighting game or the the brand new tactical shooter. If you are interested in the content of the top tier players from Switzerland check out and start following or subscribing their channels:

Also don’t forget to join our Discord server to stay up-to-date:

Photography credits: lycrus

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