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With the start of the new season our former IGL ad.dy will step down from our CS:GO main lineup due to his limited time availability and will instead keep supporting us in the background as a stand-in and coach in place of CrEat1ve. Our former coach will instead leave us to keep his journey of growth ongoing and will try to get back into the competitive scene. We are very grateful for CrEat1ve’s valueable support and contribution as a coach and content collaborator. We wish him all the best with his new start.
Herewith we are happy to announce N0vA’s former CS 1.6 dakoon madfragger RadiaX, coming back as the new IGL for virtualetix, while still keeping our CS:GO team in a good mix of fresh talent and experienced veterans. RadiaX is well known in the Swiss eSports scene and has been competing on semi-professional level in the Austrian top tier league.
We are really looking forward in the new collaboration with RadiaX for the coming events.

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