See you around FyXtoN

Former CS:GO star player FyXtoN goes with the Valorant squad for new adventures in Germany.

Exactly one year ago, in August 2019, FyXtoN joined arms with ad.dy to start his CS:GO journey at VIRTUALETIX to grow as a competitive athlete. He participated at the SwitzerLAN and the Supreme Masters and in February 2020 the young star player helped the CS:GO team fetch the first medal at a major Swiss tournament.

The coronavirus pandemic arrived and after the official release of Valorant, FyXtoN launched with VIRTUALETIX the international Valorant team pilot project with four fellows from Germany. The new fully German-speaking squad led by the Swiss player brought to the Swiss organizarion one more medal in silver.

In the two months trial period, with the departure of two of the main players, FyXtoN, Nabedo2k and CrunKzilla were left alone and decided to unite with German forces to try for a new journey fully in German territory.

VIRTUALETIX understands the decision and thanks the whole team for the great performance delivered in the past three months and wishes them all the best for the future.

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