Smooth Start into the 99Liga

On February 10th our CS:GO team started the 14th season of the 99Liga to keep in touch with our closer neighbours from Germany and Austria. The season will be running from February 10th until April 19th inculding the relegations games and will already be starting with more than 70 starter division groups. The matches will be played in a best of two format, in which every map won or lost will be tracked to the group’s scoreboard. By the end of the season, the top teams of each group have then possibility to directly advance to the 5th or 4th division, respectively.

3 out of the 7 games have already been played against some of the most anticipated teams of the Starter 40 group. virtualetix‘s opening match was against the currently 1st placed team Kone Tuning Würzburg (1:1). The second match, broadcasted by Sauerbraten, proceeded by owning the first map on mirage against BEYOND eSport. Inferno’s map point went in favour of BEYOND eSport (1:1). If you would like to rewatch the broadcast check out Sauerbraten’s VOD.

One of Sauerbraten’s viewer put also together a nice match highlight from deCinQ.

Week 3 brought us a full win against MAESTRO (2:0) together with a flawless victory week also in the ESEA league. More matches to come against OsnaEsport (forfeited), FruchtLabor, Team Fearless and 5Guys1Deag.

Current standing of the group:


Let’s go after three more wins and we will be able to advance/skip one or more divisions safely.

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