Spray and Stay in Challenger Division

The purple CS:GO team had just an intense past weekend while claiming its spot in the Swiss Esports League – and it was worth it.

The SESL spring season 2020 started with two inconvenient losses against Valais Esport and SparX Esports, followed by two ties in a row against PriFu and Fragbox Iron Seals, and one more loss against 207. Together with the two forfeit wins in the last two play weeks it was though not enough to get the chance to relegate for the Premier Division. Instead, the strikers were forced into a Clincher Cup against the top 4 of the Intermediate Division.

The cup took place May 10, 2020, starting already at 11:00 a.m. In a Bo3 upper-lower bracket format, the Challanger Division team ending the season as number 5 would play in the first round against team number 4 of the Intermediate Division, and the Challanger Division number 8 would play against the number 1 of the Intermediate Division.

Our purpleblood mates on Challenger Division spot number 6 made it through against Venninagate in the first round and finally also against Arctic.wasabi in the final decider match. With that our team reassured our spot in Challanger Division also for the next season.

The experiment in the Rocket League Open Division will keep ongoing for now, while we stay focused on rearranging and improving our CS:GO squad in the new ESEA season 34.

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