Swiss eSports League Fall Season 2019 starts

The fall season 2019 of the Swiss eSports League finally starts this weekend with our CS:GO team debut.

Some earlier complications with the new website updated back in September led to a postponement of the season start. Eventhough the new website was already up and running with some visual refreshments and interesting features, it had to be restored back to previous version of the spring season 2019.

The page is back online and the fall season is live with a CS:GO and a Rocket League ladder. The matches start this Sunday, October 13th.

This is going to be first official league participation for our CS:GO team. The team has been waiting for a while for this moment, training as best as they could in the meanwhile.

The first season match is scheduled for 20:00, against Team Epoch. ad.dy is eager to play.

On the same day, as a warmup, our CS:GO team will try it for the digtec playground cup #2 to keep earning some further point. Enough points will ensure to get into the top 8 for the play-offs.

The digitec cup will start at 11:00.

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