An Alliance for the Community
VIRTUALETIX is opening up to the gaming community with a community clan.
Ace of Aces
A revamped Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup is back and ready for the Swiss Esports League.
VIRTUALETIX as a member of the SeSF
On August 22, 2020 in Bern, the participants of the general assembly voted for the admission of the temporary members.
See you around FyXtoN
FyXtoN goes with the Valorant squad for new adventures in Germany.
Gold Medal in Tekken
The first gold and two bronzes for CHARDY-SAN and VIRTUALETIX with the return of the Tekken series.
2nd Place with the Valorant Launch
FyXtoN is moving to Valorant after serving for almost a full year in the lineage of the CS:GO squad.
Konnichiwa CHARDY-SAN
CHARDY-SAN is joining our club as our newest athlete in the Tekken discipline.
Spray and Stay in Challenger Division
The purple CS:GO team had just an intense past weekend while claiming its spot in the Swiss Esports League - and it was worth it.
One Year of virtualetix
Virtualetix made it. Our eSports organization has become one year old.
From one season to the next one
ESEA Season 33 is over and the spring season for the Swiss eSports league is already starting the coming weekend.
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