The Sinners are the new Supreme Masters

32 teams from 22 different countries all over Europe drove and flew in on January 31st to compete until February 2nd for the Supreme Masters trophy.

The invitational event took place at the Pentorama in Amriswil (TG). And our CS:GO team was there for this big opportunity to play against some well known European teams.

Our team played as forecasted the first best of 1 round in the group stage against our cousins from Vexed Gaming. Eventhough the first rounds could have come to our advantage, we didn’t make it through to resist their raids. The match ended pretty quickly 1:16 against the event’s top 4 team.

The second round was played as best of 3 against Budapest Five Academy, starting on mirage with 7:16 and ending finally the match 5:16 on inferno.

With that, we dropped out of the qualifiers for the playoffs and Vexed Gaming together with Sinners and Savage kept advancing to the semi-finals until Savage got the overhand against Vexed Gaming and the Sinners advanced to the finals.

In the finals match Savage vs. Sinners, the Sinners showed an admiring performance and could finally claim a win for both maps.

For us is only one thing left to say. See you next year!

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