Tight Play from KnockKnockClan against TinderLVL10

An overtime away for KnockKnockClan to qualify for ESL Swisscom Hero League against TinderLVL10.

KnockKnockClan could glide through the playoffs all the way to the finals where they encountered the misterious mixed team. A close 16:14 on de_train could save them the first map. Head to head, TinderLVL10 managed to flip the score same wise right back on de_mirage. The decisive map was de_overpass, on which TindelLVL10 had a flawless start as CT, but soon to be countered by KnockKnockClan and pressuring them into overtime. Unfortunately, KnockKnockClan couldn’t keep up the concentration and lost 4 of the overtime rounds.

With the new coming trial IGL ad.dy from Team Sir and the comeback of Tell, also virtualetix tried its second run for the ESL Swisscom Hero League qualification. ad.dy has already many years of experience as an IGL and tried already his first debut in this new team constellation after only a few days of trials. After some successful trials off the tournamen with a good communication sense within the team, the 10:16 score against Hallo Vater Hallo Muetter on de_overpass still shows some margin for improvement.

The trial lineup with IGL ad.dy will continue practicing together with Tell towards the third run next weekend on August 10th:

ESL Swisscom Hero League Qualifier #2 standings:
1. TinderLVL10
2. KnockKnockClan
3. Red Instinct
4. epikk esports switzerland
5. Ü30
6. villains!
7. Rollerblades
8. Hallo Vater Hallo Muetter
9. virtualetix
10. mbG
11. SwissRagePower
12. Veterans
13. Team Fist
14. Valais Esport
15. Geilesbratwurst
16. Yoinc

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