Two heavy duty weeks at the ESL Swisscom Hero League Ladder

August 7th villains challanged virtualetix for its first ladder match overall in the ESL Swisscom Hero League 5on5 Ladder.

After just a couple of first qualifier matches under the lead of ad.dy the virtualtix CS:GO lineup, the map pick falls onto de_overpass. Without experience together on this map the lineup had to rely barely on its raw personal skills. That not being enough, villains could contest successfully and win the match 16:4 and gain +23 ladder points.

One week later with some further training sessions, virtualetix could rebounce with a strong two-fold strike on de_mirage against PedaloPeek winning 16:10 and teh sovjets finishing 16:3, climbing up by +47 points.

On the second match day against the good old friends from nicetry, a 9:16 broke the double win on the still foreign map de_nuke.

The triplet challenge on Thursday started against epikk esports switzerland, where virtualetix could astonishlingly demonstrate its fitness against the scoreboard leaders of the ladder, eventhough ending the match on de_mirage with a 16:9 loss.

A quick 16:2 recovery against #sncpp on de_nuke gave some air again to breath, which unfortunately finally to be completely suffocated by a 5:16 from Arctic.wasabi on de_mirage.

Sunday is the last play day in the ESL Swisscom Hero League CS:GO Ladder and virtualetix will contest two or three more final matches, while waiting for the next qualification chance on August 25th.

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