Two Years Later

VIRTUALETIX turns two years old, we are still in lockdown and we just started our second spring season in CS:GO.

24 months later here we are again. Over the last two years of Swiss and international eSports we could acclaim medals in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tekken and Call of Duty. Just recently, CHARDY-SAN got us another gold medal at the ESL Fighting Dojo Fest for the European Playstation qualifiers and the 8th place at the European finals. On off days our Tekken athlete keeps entertaining us with the whole VTX-A crew, just as HypokritZ keeps owning the CoD: Warzone leaderboard while streaming live for us. (10.04.2021)

We reached some milestones and went through some changes by rebuilding a new CS:GO lineup with former athletes like eviroN and Roman, and Cambo, SkyMenor, and Zeptr1on and by forming an internationally competitive CS:GO team with the former Swiss champions of the Swiss Esports League. The champions are getting there; they got featured for SAW’s Rafael Pais Series 3 and missed the spot for the ESL Swisscom Hero League, the ESEA Main Division and the Portuguese Premier Division just by one game during the playoffs of the qualifiers.

In the meanwhile we are back to the Spring Season of the Swiss Esports League and adventuring in the European Esports Gaming tournament with a prize pool of € 1000.-.

Thank you to our faithful athletes and the purpleblood community. Let us keep growing eSports together! 

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