Vamos 2021!

As Counter-Strike enthusiasts we are delighted to announce the addition of a new prime squad to our competitive esports teams.

It has been a long time since our former CS:GO team has been looking for a sparring partner against whom to measure itself. It has also been a long time since the “orgless” team, known as SkillzOfK100, has been looking for a new sustainable home. But 2021 started with the wind on our back. 

VIRTUALETIX and the passionate players of SkillzOfK100 have come to an agreement. We are more than happy to announce the official acquisition of the top tier team in Switzerland, starting the first season of 2021 under the Swiss flag of VIRTUALETIX.

The top level lineup with wizzek, BERNiNi and lip, who competed for myInsanity, EQUINOX and SILENTGAMING and in 2018 won the Swiss Esports League, just got YAZA and Chyna from Portugal in the past year to strengthen the team. The new lineup has big goals for Switzerland and also internationally.

Aspiring to advance to the intermediate division of the ESEA, the Swiss-Portuguese team has already started the run for the 36th season in the Open division and is eagerly waiting for the next ESL Swisscom Hero League Qualifier and the start of the next Swiss Esports League season.

We wish the best of success to our new team of the purpleblood family!

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