virtualetix CS:GO final lineup standing

Three qualifiers and one ladder for the CS:GO ESL Swisscom Hero League. 10 trials and one team. We have a final lineup ready to start the competition journey.

The CS:GO lineup went through some trial changes since the last announcement in June 2019. On the quest to find the key players around the core team consisting of kROBz (formerly AiMETTi), deCinQ (formerly Apexz) and Roman, different dynamics have been tired out. Thanks to the arrival  of a strongly experienced ad.dy as IGL and FyXtoN as our third young entry fragging talent during the ESL Swisscom Hero League a new team spirit arise and a new powerhouse lineup is born,

Both of them come from Team SIR (shout out to Kaktus). ad.dy started many years ago back to the times of Counter-Strike: Source as an IGL and stayed one ever since. Together with FyXtoN he helped Team SIR to advance in the SESL divisions. FyXtoN, still very young and already showing a strong performance, is pushing the new lineup to succeed through the tournaments and leagues of the coming season.

A lot of team building and coaching is planned for the team. In this matter CrEat1ve will assist ad.dy with his knowledge and anlaytical skills.

virtualetix CS:GO Roster

Congratulations to the team members making through the trial phase and welcome officially to the virtualetix eSports organization.
-Good luck, have fun and train hard.

Thanks also to all the other trial players making it the far with us, wishing them all the best for their CS:GO career and in life.

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