Virtualetix grows with a new Rocket League team

Virtualetix takes its first step towards the expansion into other esports dsciplines with a new Rocket League team.

voll genozoomed, D0wny and ZeroDavid are our new members entering the Swiss eSports organisation and we are happy to welcome them on board of the battleship of competitive eSports.

Playing together already for a few months under FyXtoN‘s former flag of Epoch, the whole squad moves in, under one roof, together with FyXtoN.

Even ahead of our CS:GO team, our rocketeers already started their first Swiss Esports League match this Friday; scoring a 1:3 against Different Ninjas.

Under the lead of FyXtoN himself, the Rocket League squad will slowly start practing to try to climb up the rankings of the Open Division.

We wish GL & HF to our trio.

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