VTX Pro Tour 2023

This year VIRTUALETIX is launching the first Swiss eSports Tour of Tekken taking place in four different cities. The first stop is going to be in Basel at ManaBar on 29 January 2023. Sign-up now to save your seat.

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Championship Structure

The VTX Pro Tour consists of 4 Grands Prix and a Finals Stage. Each Grand Prix will have a price pool of up to CHF 640.00 depending on the amount of participants. In the final stage the prize pool will be CHF 1’000.00 distributed among the Top 3. The Grands Prix format will be round robin into single elimination, whilst the fifth and final stage takes place in a Top 8 double elimination format.

The stages of the Tour

Grand Prix Basel

29.01.2023, 13:30 CET
ManaBar, Güterstrasse 99, 4053 Basel

Grand Prix Yverdon

16.04.2023, 13:30 CET
Avenue des Découvertes 1,
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

Grand Prix Bern

18.06.2023, 13:30 CET
Erupt, Parkterrasse 14, 3012 Bern

Grand Prix Zurich

24.09.2023, 13:30 CET
Hard Read,
Moosmattstrasse 30,
8953 Dietikon

Grand Finals

10.12.2023, 13:30 CET
Erupt, Parkterrasse 14, 3012 Bern

During the Grands Prix you will gather points based on your performance. After the 4 Grands Prix, the 8 players who have accumulated the most points will be invited to play in the final stage, which takes place on December 10th, 2023.

Conditions for Registration

To participate in the Championship, purchase the ticket of one of the Grands Prix here or check in on site one hour prior to the event start during one of the 4 Grands Prix. The registration for the finals will be done automatically for free depending on your standing in the ranking. For each Grand Prix, The tournament check-in will be done in person on site, where you have to reach out to the admin (TO) and confirm your participation. Underage players younger than 16 years old will have to bring the consent form of their legal guardian to participate in the tournament. All participants must give their player names and bring proof of registration digitally or printed together with an identification document. A late arrival can lead to a disqualification without a refund of the ticket.

Payment in advance: CHF 35.00  | until  23:00 CET two days before the event
On-site*: CHF 40.00 | until 12:30 CET the date of the event
VIRTUALETIX Standard Member: CHF 0.00
VIRTUALETIX Premium Member: CHF 0.00

*On-site we accept only debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. PostFinance cards and Twint are not supported.

Each individual ticket only gives you access to one stage of the Pro Tour in the city indicated in your registration. The purchase of any entrance ticket is binding and non-refundable. The Grand Prix will take place with a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 32. Should any of the events not take place, the payment will be refunded. In case of no-show, the organizers have the right to exclude you from buying a ticket to other tour stages.


Each Grand Prix takes place in a different city. The opening event will be at the ManaBar in Basel on 29 January 2023. You can find all information regarding how to get there, opening hours and more on the respective event page. Subsequent locations will be announced at the end of each Grand Prix.

Participation Fee

The participation fee for a single Grand Prix is CHF 35.00, if the ticket is purchased in advance online here. The fee for last minute registrations on-site is CHF 40.00. CHF 20.00 of the fee will go into the prize pool for each Grand Prix. Additionally, you have the option to buy a Full Access Pass for the whole Championship for CHF 129.00. As a VIRTUALETIX Standard Member or VIRTUALETIX Premium Member the Full Access Pass for the participation at all four Grands Prix are included in your membership. The ticket and the Full Access Pass are non-refundable.

Prize Pool

CHF 20.00 of the entry-fee per participant will go directly into the prize pool of the single stage, for example:

32 participants: CHF 640.00
16 participants: CHF 320.00
8 participants: CHF 160.00

The prize pool will be distributed as follows:

Up to 16 participants
1st place – 50%
2nd place – 30%
3rd place – 20%

Up to 32 participants
1st place – 40%
2nd place – 25%
3rd place – 20%
4th place – 15%

The Grand Slam of CHF 1’000.-

In the final stage, a grand prize amount of CHF 1’000.00 will be distributed among the Top 3 players (1st place – 50% | 2nd place – 30% | 3rd place – 20%) and the Tekken Champion of Switzerland will be crowned.

CHF 1’000.00 sponsored by ANONYMOUS

General Tournament Rules

  • Platform: PS4 or PS5
  • Format: Round Robin + Single Elimination
  • Rounds: Round Robin FT2, Playoffs FT3, Match Finals FT5
  • Time to pick: 1 minute
  • Game time: 60 seconds
  • Characters: You can play all available characters in the game
  • Costumes: Basic character costumes are allowed, except costume 3 and 4 with Jack-7 and costume 3 with Gigas.

Point Distribution Grand Prix Ranking

At the end of each qualifier participants receive points based on their rank. The 8 players who have accumulated the most points after all qualifiers will be invited to the final stage, taking place on December 10th. Here is the point distribution:


Current Standings

1stmind_hunt3r (SOS)59
3rdediweazel (VTX-A)45
5thCMN (VTX)32
6thJörmungandr (SOS)28
7thRugal (VTX-A)25
8thKiraKira (MYI)25
9thKillerTee (VTX-A)24
10thJanKazama (VTX-A)23
11thStyleBender (VTX-A)18
12thJackGommaOP (TE)18
13thchucky-z (VTX-C)15
14thSubarashi (VTX-A)8
Updated 02.10.2023


If you need help you can reach out to our Head of Tournament KillerTee or Sporting Director N0vA on our Discord server: https://vtx.gg/discord.


TEKKEN™ 7 & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Tekken is a protected trademark of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and is not affiliated in any way with VIRTUALETIX or Resilient Content GmbH.

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