Ace of Aces
A revamped Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup is back and ready for the Swiss Esports League.
Spray and Stay in Challenger Division
The purple CS:GO team had just an intense past weekend while claiming its spot in the Swiss Esports League - and it was worth it.
One Year of virtualetix
Virtualetix made it. Our eSports organization has become one year old.
From one season to the next one
ESEA Season 33 is over and the spring season for the Swiss eSports league is already starting the coming weekend.
3rd Place at the EEvent 14
Back-to-back, from one LAN tournament to the next one, our CS:GO team places 3rd at the EEvent 14!
The Sinners are the new Supreme Masters
32 teams from 22 different countries all over Europe drove and flew in on January 31st to compete until February 2nd for the Supreme Masters trophy.
We are at the Supreme Masters
The waiting was worth it. Virtualetix is preparing the luggages for the Supreme Master 2020.
Welcome 2020
We made it through. It is 2020 and in only 6 months we have overachieved our goals for 2019.
SwitzerLAN 2019
This weekend, from November 22 to 25th, more than 2000 players gathered together in Bern, Switzerland at the HeroFest 2019 for this year's SwitzerLAN.
KINGZZZ win the Swiss Gaming Challenge 2019
Kingzzz win the Swiss Gaming Challenge 2019 at the Zurich Game Show by 2:1 over myInsanity.
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